Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snowed In!

I am going stir crazy. I have been stuck in the house for days. We really don't get much snow here in VA but this time, it really buried us. It is so pretty but so inconvenient. My grandson is driving me crazy. lol I knew I should have gotten some sewing done over the weekend when he was gone. I am ready to get busy again. My youngest got plenty of video games to keep him busy. He goes in and out all day, coming home soaking wet and freezing. The plays games, then goes back out. I have been taking my oldest daughter to work at Wawa because she has a small Honda that has no business being on the road. Can't believe how many idiots are out there driving. Think I will make a ham for dinner. I was saving it for a cold day, and it is certainly cold enough today!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Wishes

I know I am a day early. Figured I'd post while I felt like it. lol I haven't been posting much in the past few months. It has been a very stressful year. Things are alot better know but I think I am still recuperating. There are so many things I wish I had gotten done. I better start now so I can do them next year. I am going to the big craft show Friday. I would love to do it next year but I don't know how expensive it is and I need alot more stuff! Hubby finally retires next week. Things are very uncertain jobwise so that is bothering me a little.
I haven't joined many swaps lately. I love to do them, but I have been getting flaked on more and more. That is so disappointing. There is one blogger's swaps that I love to join, but I have been flaked on the last two times. I am sticking to handmade items because they tend to be more successful swaps.
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and have fun shopping! I am doing my shopping the lazy way online. lol

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Appomattox Railroad Festival

The festival is over. I can't believe it came and went so fast. I am so tired. My hubby retired the week before I was tired before we even left! lol I did better this year at the festival than last year. I got tart burners this year to sell and I think that really sold the tarts. Last year, I hardly sold any tarts. This year I had a display rack to make them easier to look at also. I sold only one Annie. I am a little disappointed in that. I wanted to move away from candles and focus on other things like Annies, but I guess that isn't a good idea. Everybody loves candles, especially me! It was good to see my family that I don't see much. Now I am trying to get back into the swing of things! I need to get busy making some Christmas ornaments. I would like to do some small local shows, but I am sharing a vehicle with my son and he works Saturdays. That stinks. Hopefully, he will get a car soon. Well, off to catch up on some tv!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Where is the Sun??

It has rained all week. Finally it is cooler weather. Not cool enough though. I love cool, crisp days. I have been working like crazy to finish my things for the Railroad Festival. It is next weekend. I can't believe it is time already! I finished my Annies finally. Got some scarecrows done. The candles have been done for a few weeks. I am going to make some quick crib quilts and some small Annies and I will be done. The baby is going to stay with his dad for a week. He is leaving tonight. I am going to miss him so bad but next week is a busy week with my hubby retiring so I won't be able to watch him, then we will be gone the weekend. I am sure the week will go by fast. I will be able to get the house cleaned before I go. I love to come home to a clean house. My oldest two will be home but they better keep it clean! I have been watching the Real Housewives of Orange County during the afternoons, and everytime they leave their kids throw a party. I am paranoid now. lol

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mamarrazi's Guilty Pleasures Swap

I joined another one of Mamarrazi's fun swaps. This time was guilty pleasures. My partner was Cheryl. She sent so many wonderful things. We have alot in common. She sent some of my favorite candies. US magazine, which I love to read. scrapbooking supplies, Hunger games (a book I have heard so many wonderful things about). She also sent a old movie that looks really good. I hope to watch it this weekend. Thanks so much Cheryl for a wonderful package!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

It's that time of the year

The Railroad Festival in Appomattox is weeks away and I am going crazy trying to get things done. I am making my candles this weekend. I have quite a few already made by have to replace the most popular ones and wanted to try some new ones. My cat and I have been fighting over the table. She is determined to put her big butt on my candles. lol I have Annies to finish. The baby is gone this weekend with his father so I can finally get something done. It is so hard to do anything with him hanging on me. It is impossible to clean until his mother gets home from work. It has been a long time since my kids were babies!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Cherry Annie Swap

I am behind on posting some swaps I have done. My daughter keeps running off with my camera. I joined a Cherry Annie Swap from Down Hidden Farm Lane. I sent to Tara and I received one from Sandy. Sandy and I have been partners several times and I love her Annies always! Below is a pic of the Annie I sent to Tara.

You can go to Sandy's blog and see the one she sent me and all of the wonderful things she has created.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mamarazzi Guilty Pleasures Swap

It is time for another Mamarazzi swap. She hosts such fun swaps. I have tried to join everyone that she has and they are fantastic. Her latest one is Guilty Pleasures Swap. Click the picture above to learn all about it!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Mamarazzis Game Swap

Mamarazzi has another great swap. This was a fun game swap. My family loves to play games and this was perfect! My partner was Sara. She sent a great game. We have had alot of fun playing it. The M&M's didn't last long!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Goodbye Pepper

A few months ago, our cat had kittens with deformaties. One of them died and Pepper was adopted by one of our inside cats. Her mother likes to stay outside and got pregnant a couple of times before we were finally able to keep her in long enough to get spayed. Pepper's back legs were about two inches long. She mainly scooted around. One day she started walking with her two back legs straight up in the air. Looked crazy, then we noticed her back leg was a bloody mess from her using it. We took her to the vet and they recommended that she be put down. I wanted to do that the minute we found her, but my husband talked me out of it. My kids are devastated. She was such a cool kitten and our other cat loved her like her own. I know it was the right thing to do, because even though she could walk on two feet, when she got bigger it would be hard on her front legs. I feel so sad right now.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mamarazzis game swap

Time for another great Mamarazzis swap. Her swaps are always alot of fun.

Check it out and join to meet new friends.

It's Over

Baseball is officially over. My youngest had a great all star season. They finished third. They did so well. Now it is time to finish my craft room. So many ideas of things I want to make. I just have two cabinets for my fabric to put together and I am done! We hired some neighborhood guy to put them together. He struggled with the bookcase and put it together wrong! I put three of those bookcases together myself. lol He is not touching my cabinets!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

It's Been So Long

I have been really bad at posting.The baby keeps me so busy. I have my craft room half finished. I didn't start on it until yesterday because it has been in the 100's. Too hot to do anything! We really need to get our central air fixed. The window unit just can't keep up. The temperature dropped some so it is bearable. Iwish I could snap my fingers and the room would be done.lol I can't wait until it is organized and I can sew!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

So busy!

Time has flown by. It has been so long since I posted. I have been busy with baseball season. That just ended. Time for baseball all stars. My oldest son moved out. I am going to get paint today and start painting his room so my daughter and baby can move in there. It is twice the size of the room they are in now. The baby got a toddler bed, he is sleeping pretty good in there. But he keeps going to his mom's bed. lol Payback. I am watching the baby everyday while his parents work. He is a handful. I am exhausted when he takes his nap. It has been 9 years since I had a toddler to deal with. Seems like forever.
We just got rid of 11 kittens. They were everywhere! I am so glad they are gone now. We took them to a pet store so hopefully, they will go to good homes. I got all my cats fixed so no more kittens! I love them but they made a huge mess and were always into something.
The best thing of all is I finally get my craft room! When my daughter moves into my son's room, I will finally have a room! I just have to paint it and get new blinds. I can't wait. Any ideas on colors? I am thinking a cheery yellow?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Been Awhile

I didn't realize I hadn't posted in so long. Not much has been going on here. I have been busy with my youngest playing baseball. He is having a great season. My youngest daughter is an emotional teenager driving me crazy! The baby has been into everything. I am finishing up some swaps that I joined awhile back. I haven't joined any lately. I have been in a crafting slump. Too tired to do anything. So here I am at the last minute finishing up some dolls for swaps.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's Official

Baseball season is here. The season started a few weeks late because of poor registration turnout. Sadly, not as many kids are playing sports because of video games. And more seem to play soccer than baseball/softball. Now the city wants to tear down the ballfields for a hotel and office buildings. How stupid is that. The last thing this city needs is another hotel. The other one they built is losing money.
Anyway, my youngest is the only one playing baseball this year. My two older kids are too old. I really miss watching them play because they were so good and it was alot of fun to watch. My other daughter didn't want to play this year because she was on the worst team ever created last year. lol I am not exaggerating. It took alot of fun out of it. My husband always coached my youngest until this year. He is 10 and it is his second year in the Major League (9-12)We had the first game Saturday and he only played two of of seven innings. I was not happy. He has been doing really well and been to every practice. He has a really good attitude, I don't know what the coach seems to have against him. They ending up tying the game. We played an extra inning but it ended up tying again. lol
Last night, they played a really good team but ended up tying again! Crazy! And my youngest got to play second base because the second baseman was pitching. He did a really good job and got some outs. Then his first bat, he hit a homerun! That got the team ahead. I can't believe my little one hit that ball. Then at the end of the game, the other team was ahead by one and my youngest hit the ball to the fence again and got a double. He tied the game up. Then it was too dark to finish. Another tie. lol It is an improvement. Last year, they won one game at the end of the season! My son is so happy. He said he was happy his team was proud of him. I am so glad that he realizes that it takes a team.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

So much pollen!

I love Spring, but I hate the pollen that goes with it. Every car in our area is yellow! lol My oldest son can't even go outside because his allergies are so bad. Last year he found out he was allergic to grass. Crazy! Of course, guess who can't cut the grass now. I know it breaks his heart. lol

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smells like Candles!

Well, I have a ton of candles already made but people keep ordering Clean Cotton and LoveSpell! lol I just made a new batch of each for some customers at my mom's work. I am grateful for the orders, but I have so many other candles. I need to get my website set up so I can try to sell some there. I am about to start my Alice in Wonderland doll for a swap. I also have to make a cat and an americana doll. Then I can start my quilts! I keep saying that and putting them off for all kinds of reasons. It is going to be 91 degrees here today. It is going to be a miserable summer. I don't know what the deal is with the crazy weather. We got a ton of snow, now it is in the 90's in April!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter today. I only have two getting Easter baskets this year. This is the first year that the baby will be getting one. He is going to be in heaven! He loves Veggie Tales and he got all kinds of Veggie Tales candy. I got him a baseball easter basket since he loves balls so much. We will having a nice Easter dinner this afternoon. My daughter started working at Wawa a few weeks ago, and she is still at Blockbuster. She has two hours in between jobs. I don't know how she does it. I know she is exhausted. Her fiance stays at home with the baby since he lost his job. Hope he finds another one soon, but then I will be watching the baby. He is a handful. So I guess I better enjoy my freedom while I can. lol

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bunny Swap!

I joined two bunny swaps. The first one was Rabbit Hollows Prims Hopping Down the Bunny Trail swap. My partner was Melissa. She made this one for me.
This is the one I made Melissa using a pattern from Chestnut Junction.

The second bunny swap was Vivian's Bunny Swap. My partner was Nancy. This is the bunny she made me.

This is the bunny I made Nancy. I used a pattern from Soft in the Head. I love those patterns. I love how the bunny turned out. I need to make me one.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Better Homes and Garden Magazine

For today only, you can get this magazine from Tanga for $2.99 for a year's subscription. You can buy up to four years. I love this site. Every day they have a new magazine deal for really cheap. I love magazines so I have been alot of subscriptions from them. You can never have too many magazines or fabric! lol

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm So Tired!

This is the reason why!

For the past week, Romeo has woke me up at 3 am with his meowing! He meows and gets into things he isn't supposed to. I can hear him on my sewing desk, where he knows he is not allowed! Then I am so aggravated, I can't go back to sleep. I have tried locking him out of my room, then he scratches at the door. I squirt him with water, but he keeps coming back. I wake him all day, because he is tired and can sleep! lol What am I going to do?? Notice, he can't open his eyes, he is too tired!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Trashy Swap

I joined Char's trashy swap. This swap was so much. Handmade swaps are my favorites. For this swap, we had to remake three items from the thrift store. We just had a new thrift store open around the corner and I can't believe all the cool junk they have! Below is a pic of what I received from Leslie. She did a wonderful job!

This picture is what I got from the thift store.

This is what I made over for Leslie.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I joined the favorite things swap and again I wasn't disappointed. My partner was Charity and here is a pic of what she sent. So many wonderful things! Thank you Charity. I love the picture frame and I hid the giant box of chocolate so my kids don't half eat all of it! lol

Monday, March 8, 2010

Oscar Night

This year I actually watched the entire Oscar telecast. This was such a good year for movies. The Hurt Locker was one of my favorite movies. My daughter works at Blockbuster so we got to see Precious and Up in the Air already on DVD. They were great movies. Precious was so hard to watch but it is worth watching. It is hard to think that people really live like that and worse. I love George Clooney, so I knew I would love Up in the Air. We went to the movies Friday and say Avatar. Sadly, we missed seeing it in 3D, but the movie was fantastic! It was one of the prettiest movies I have ever seen, and I am not usually into that kind of stuff. I really didn't want to see it, but I am glad that I did.
One of my cats had kittens, she got pregnant before I got my male cat fixed. I thought I separated them, but I guess not fast enough! lol I got stuck with four kittens last year after a cat had kittens in my garage. They were too big to go to a pet store and the humane society was too full, after trying for months! So I now have seven cats! Crazy. These kittens will go to a pet store as soon as they are old enough, but I love having kittens around!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival

My mom and I went to the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival Saturday. It was so much fun. But I was exhausted when I got home. There were so many beautiful quilts! I wish I had taken my camera. And I was in fabric heaven! I got a baseball quilt kit to make my youngest. I was going to make a pirate quilt but he is getting a little too old for that. So I will make that for the baby. My youngest turned 10 yesterday. He told me in two years, he will hitting puberty! lol You never know what is coming out of his mouth.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap!

It is that time again. This is one of my favorite swaps. Please check it out.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Amour Valentine Swap

I joined the Amour Valentine Swap. My partner was Julie. She made the most beautiful box and packaged it so nice! Below is pictures of all the wonderful things she sent! Thank you Julie.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

American Homemaker Valentine Swap

Yes, another wonderful swap! lol I love the prettiness of Valentines Day. This is what I received from Mary in Angie's American Homemake Valentine Swap. She sent me so many terrific Annie goodies. It was perfect. Thank you Mary! I love the picture.

Are You Kidding???

This is what is going on here. I know everyone else is getting snow also, but we get snow every couple of years! Crazy! My kids are complaining about it. That is bad. Usually they get so excited. I hate cold weather. Of course, my daughter has to work! Uggh, I just want to get under the covers! Going to start on some things. I already started my doll for a spring doll swap. Waiting for her shoes to dry. Then I need to make some bunnies! I got all my patterns organized in binders. They were everywhere. I have been trying to get organized. Now I am going to dream of Spring!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Vintage Heart Swap

This is the second year that I joined Dolly's Vintage Valentine swap. It is one of the best. My partner was Michele. She sent so many wonderful vintage items. Below is what she sent. I love everything!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prim It Up!

I joined many Valentine swaps this year. I couldn't resist. lol Below is what I received from Anne. I love it!
Below is what I made Anne. I used a pattern from Chestnut Junction.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Oh No More Snow! Vintage Valentine Swap

I can't believe it is snowing again! The previous snow just melted. Yesterday it rained all day. I am so sick of the nasty weather. We hardly ever get snow. I can't wait until Spring!

Below is the doll I received from Courtney for the Vintage Valentine swap. She is so whimsical and cute!

Below is the doll I made Courtney. I love how she turned out. It was the first time I had done such a detailed face. I am going to make me one as soon as I get time. I used a pattern from Back Porch Pickins.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

It really snowed!

We actually got some real snow. It hasn't really snowed here since 2002. Last year, they closed schools because of a big snowstorm that never came. The kids stayed home on a sunny day. lol So this time, I ignored the weather and they were actually right. I woke up this morning to lots of snow and it is still snowing. Of course Blockbuster is open, so I had to take my daughter to work. I slid through a couple of stoplights but it wasn't too bad. They haven't cleared the roads at all. Blockbuster is next door to Food Lion and they were packed! Blockbuster is closing at 6, so hopefully it won't be too bad picking her up. I don't want to be on a dark, icy road. Today I am going to work on my quilt block. I joined a block of the month at the quilt shop. I need to finish January's block so I get February's next week. Then I am going to get busy making some Annies to put on my site and for the fall shows. I am going to be prepared this year.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mouse Swap Reveal

Sandy has received my mouse so now I can reveal. It was alot of fun to make and I used a pattern from Soft in the Head. Below is the one Sandy sent to me.
Below is the one I made Sandy

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Appomattox, Va

Please keep Appomattox, Va in your prayers. It is such a beautiful place. I have family there and it has always been my dream to move them when hubby retires. Everyone knows each other and it is a great community. Eight people were killed there yesterday. It happened right down the street from my aunt's house and they are all devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brrr it's so cold!

I really hate cold weather. Last month is was so nice and now I am freezing. It is in the 20's. I know some people would love to have it that warm. lol I love sunny 70's weather. I have gotten back to crafting. I made a couple of Valentine items. I would love to show them, but they are for some swaps and I don't want to spoil the surprise! I started my mouse for the Mouse swap. I was almost done, then decide I didn't like the head. So now it has no head! Don't worry Sandy, it will have a head when you get it. lol
Hubby is doing so much better. He is back at work and now I can finally get this house clean again. But I'd rather be doing other things. I had the house really clean when he came home from the hospital but haven't gotten much done since he got home because he is always in the living room. So today it is sparkling clean. I got the Christmas decorations down yesterday. I had so much help from the cats!