Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I joined the favorite things swap and again I wasn't disappointed. My partner was Charity and here is a pic of what she sent. So many wonderful things! Thank you Charity. I love the picture frame and I hid the giant box of chocolate so my kids don't half eat all of it! lol


cannwin said...

I was going to send a note about why they are my favorites but I completely forgot. So I'll tell you...

Reeses Pieces have been my favorite candy since I was about 15. My husband smuggles them to me in the hospital after I have a baby as a sort of special tradition we have to celebrate each birth.

The gum- Saved me from 3 months of the most horrendous morning sickness. I can't make it through a pregnancy without it, the splashes are my favorite line.

The frame- My love of things clearance! Buy a little here, a little there and what you get is a great creation.

The chocolates- I love samplers.

The button jar is a pin cushion. I have one like it next to my sewing machine... I would be lost without it. (you may also notice that some of those buttons are pretty sturdy and brown in color... those are from the now obsolete army uniforms we have about 15 sets of them!)

The vellum quotes- I love quotes.

The clipboard- I've been scrapping since I was a teenager, clipboards are my most recent hobby... the little paper on it that says 'favorite things' those are all things I enjoy and it represents a new hobby of mine--digital imaging

Hope you enjoy!

Mamarazzi said...

FUN stuff...i love that Charity took a minute here to explain her favorites...makes it even more fun!