Thursday, April 8, 2010

So much pollen!

I love Spring, but I hate the pollen that goes with it. Every car in our area is yellow! lol My oldest son can't even go outside because his allergies are so bad. Last year he found out he was allergic to grass. Crazy! Of course, guess who can't cut the grass now. I know it breaks his heart. lol


Denise Marie said...

I have pollen all over my car here in Texas too. Allergic to grass, ugh!! I got my post up.

Lisa said...

It is starting to rain here!! I SOOO hope this goes away!
Hugs, Lisa

Valentina said...

Dear Tammy, Thank You! I wanted to let you know that your lovely package arrived! I am so happy with the FQ's you chose for me and I love the buttons,
My kids already adopted bunny and are introducing him to the rest of the gang. Thank you for swapping with me. Did you receive your package as well?

Princess said...

Love your blog!!! l really like your style.
i'm following it :)
Hope you follow mine too