Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday News

Well, the baby is home and doing alot better. He is healthy at the moment. We are having some financial problems that have really been stressing me out. A bill from five years has come back to bite us in the butt. So I have been doing some crafts to relax. Getting bent out of shape is not going to help anything. I will just go with the flow. At least nothing is getting cut off. It is a temporary problem. So anyway, I am done whining. lol
My youngest daughter is trying out for middle school softball. This is the first year that they have had that here. I hope she makes it. She says everyone else stinks. But sometimes you have to be part of the clique to get anywhere. My older kids had to fight tooth and nail to get their positions on the high school teams because they grew up going to another school. So now that she is going to middle school there, she can get a head start on getting known. Middle school drama. lol

Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a day!

Well, the baby is back at the hospital. His doctor doesn't like the way he is wheezing. He had two breathing treatments at the doctor's office but they didn't seem to help. He also has an ear infection. Just this morning, I told my daughter at least he hasn't had an ear infection! He hasn't had a fever or acted like his ear hurt. So my daughter is at the ER at the Children's Hospital again. This will be another huge bill! Of course, her boyfriend isn't there with her. I wish she would get rid of him now! She can do so much better. But of course, I can't tell her anything. I know she didn't get that hard head from me. lol
Off to watch the end of Survivor. I have really had a hard time paying attention to it.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The baby is sick again!

The poor baby has an awful cold. He is wheezing so bad. The doctor said to call first thing in the morning for an appointment. I hope he doesn't end up with pneumonia. He seems to be sick all the time with something. My daughter owes almost $4,000 in medical bills and he isn't five months old yet! The baby's insurance really stinks. His hospital bill from the meningitis was $30,000. But she owes $1600 from it. But that it alot of money. She only works 8 hours a week. It is so hard to find a job around here.
I am sewing something for a swap that I am in. I hope it turns out ok. It has been awhile since I made anything like that. I have to have it done by Saturday. I better get busy. I will post a pic if it turns out ok. lol

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Out of the Box Sampler

For the past two months, I have purchased the Out of the Box Sampler. You can find them at There are so many wonderful samples. I didn't find one that I didn't like. Last month I got a huge candle! Here is my review of February's box.
My favorite was the chocolate covered cherries wax tarts from Ugly Duckling Designs. They smelled so good and looked so real my daughter had it to her mouth to eat it. lol By the way, she is 19.
There were also wax beads scented with chocolate covered strawberry from Willow Lake Scents, smelled wonderful.
Noel wax crumblies from M-D candles, smelled so good!
A delicious cookie from Primitive Baking, Inc.
A chocolate covered pretzel from Adrienne Mason, which was sooo good.
A cupcake bath bomb from Fizzy Bubbles. My younger daughter is dying to take a bath with that, but she can't have it. lol
Homemade candy that was to die for from Karen and Nancy Homemade Goodies.
A tea heart from SBS Teas. I haven't tried yet, but looks good. They also sent Chocolate soap!
Wax tarts that smell so good from Deborah's Candle Majick in Butterfly Kisses and Lavender and Herbs. I hadn't smelled this before and really like them.
A wax cup tart from Angel Made Scents in Cleopatra scent. I love the way this smells.
A yummy smelling tealight candle from Anam Cara Candles.
Wrapped candy that can personalized from Pretty Wrapped Up. Looks yummy!
Lavender Bath salts from Funk-tion-al.
Soap from Park Ave Creations, smells so good. There was also butter butter that makes your skin feel so soft.
Another wonderful soap from Magick Moon Soapwurks.
A die cut from Mary Rudakas. This was stolen by one of my daughters. I will have to hunt it down. lol
There was also a chocolate covered fortune cookie from Vintage Confections. This barely made it out of the box! It was eaten quickly and sooooooo good!
I have to give a shoutout to Strawberry Fields Candles and Gifts from last months box. There was some of the best smelling prim fixins that I have ever smelled.
You can find all the sponsors at Out of the Box Sampler website.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dramatic Wednesday

Today is 90210 day as my hubby calls it. lol My daughter and her boyfriend have been fighting all day over silly stuff. I am so sick of it. I wish they would get along or end it. I am tired of hearing it. The baby doesn't need to be around it.
We are making an appointment to refinance our house tomorrow. Hubby and I are already clashing over ideas. He wants to fix the garage into a hangout for him. The house is getting done first then he can do whatever with the garage. I can see now, we are going to be fighting big time. I know what I want. His idea is to throw everything away and start over. I am not throwing away my stuff! Ok, I am done ranting. lol I am going to work on some small birdhouses that I bought from Michaels. I also need to do a stitchery project, so I better get started now. Hopefully, I can find my floss!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mamarazzi's Favorite Things Swap

I found this wonderful swap and it sounds like alot of fun. Please check it out at Signups are until Feb 13.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Happenings

Ok, so not much is going on here. We have decided instead of moving, we are going to redo our house. I really want a bigger kitchen, so we are moving the bathroom and making the kitchen bigger. I can't wait. I hope we can get moving on this soon. We are going to try to refinance our loan to get away from Chase Manhattan. They are the worst company ever. Do not EVER do business with them. They forced us into bankruptcy and still try to take our house every Christmas and February. Luckily my brother in law is an attorney and he sends our payments to them every month so he can deal with them screwing it up all the time. I can see how people lose their homes all the time. I wish we could sue them. They just don't take payments and then make it in arrears so they can start foreclosure. They are crooks! Ok, done with my rant about them. I hate them so much. They have made my life miserable.
Anyways, it will cheaper to redo our house, and I like where we live. My oldest son wants us to turn the detached garage into an apartment for him. lol Dream on.

Swap Goodies

I love joining swaps. It is nice to get something in the mail besides bills. Here are some pictures of goodies I got from some swaps on the PcCrafter board. There are so many talented ladies on the boards and I love PcCrafter graphics!

From Sharon

From Lisa

From Jackie