Thursday, January 29, 2009


I haven't posted in a week. We have been busy house hunting. We were looking at a Victorian that beautiful but the realtor was so pushy. She wanted us to commit to $375,000 in 48 hours! We are not paying that price first of all and that is too fast! So we are going to keep looking. The local bed and breakfast was forclosed and going on the market in the next couple of months. That should be lower in price and it appears to nice. We need to see the inside. There is another house that is $150,000 that is more in our price range that needs some work. But hubby is set on one of these big old houses. The cheaper house has seven bedrooms. I want my daughter and the baby to stay with us. If we get a bigger house, then they will have plenty of room. The baby is in the living room talking to his hands. lol He is making a racket.
I stepped in a hole in the sidewalk yesterday and sprained my ankle. It is the same ankle I broke last year slipping on a gumball! lol Not a real gumball, but those round spikey things that fall out of the trees. My son said I am the only person he knows that falls walking. That is not fair, I was sabatoged. lol

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog Candy

Now to happier things. lol I need to keep my mind off things.
I found a blog offering Blog Candy.
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The Worst Day of My Life!

Yesterday, was an awful day. It started with me trying to get my 17 year old son up for work and he didn't want to get up. It was supposed to be a huge snowstorm that never happened. So anyway, he started yelling at me how he was not getting up and to leave him the hell alone. His father went in there and they got in a huge fight that got physical. My son packed his stuff and stomped out the door screaming he hates everyone and he isn't ever coming back. I know he is 17 but he is still my baby. He has no car and nowhere to stay. His friend's dad said he can't go to his house until he apologizes to me. Well, that made me hysterical, because I had no clue where he went. I cried all day. My eyes barely open. I got into a huge fight with my husband because we were both upset. I finally got a hold of him last night and he had calmed down and said he MIGHT be home today. If he misses more work, he is going to get fired and he really needs this job.
To think, I was complaining of nothing going on. I wish it was still that way.

Monday, January 19, 2009

What is going on?

The past week has been a rough one. I got a stomach bug last week. Yesterday I had stomach cramps that I haven't had since I was a teenager. And today a headache that won't go away! I usually never get sick and now everything is downhill at once. The day got off to a great start. My youngest son decided he wanted spaghetti and meatball. He ended up slicing open his hand on the lid. I finally got the bleeding stopped and bandaged him up. I wanted to take him to the hospital but hubby said he should be fine and the bleeding stopped. He can move his fingers. That is what I was really worried about. Good thing he writes left handed. But he uses his right hand alot also. He is feeling better and playing the video games. That is the last time he will open the can himself. I thought the cans were supposed to be easier to open now that they have the pull tabs on them. His older brother cut his hand on a cat food tin when he was younger. Those things are so dangerous!
I am in a couple of swaps that I need to get busy on. I have had fun shopping for them. Now I need to get busy with my handmade items. I am waiting on some supplies. Hopefully they will come tomorrow. After they are over, I will post some pictures.
Guess I need to get busy finishing my laundry. It never ends!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Nothing Much Going On

Things have been boring around here. I guess that is a good thing. lol Sunday was mine and hubby's 18th wedding anniversary. People thought we wouldn't last one year! It has been a long, rocky road but it has been worth it. He is off today so maybe we will watch a movie or something. I really need to get this house cleaned up. Where has all time gone??

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Baby is Home!

The baby finally got to come home this morning. He is passed out in his bed. lol I know he is happy to be home. Now I have so much cleaning to do. I am doing a couple of swaps so I need to get busy with those. I need to be crafty so I can relax.
Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers. He seems to be fully recovered. He just needs to go the doctor this week to be checked out. Now my daughter can get some sleep.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poor baby!

My grandson has been really fussy for the past week. He started running a fever the last couple of days. My daughter took him to the ER Sunday and they sent him home saying he had a cold even though he had no cold symptons. Thank goodness we are not as stupid as that hospital. She took him to his doctor yesterday morning and he was concerned that his white blood count up indicating he had some type of infection. But nobody could figure out what was wrong. He sent us to the Children's hospital, where we sat for seven hours before being seen. He has menningitis. They don't know if is viral or bacterial yet. The hospital is so full, he is being kept in the ER. My daughter is so tired. I am exhausted. They said he will probably home in a few days. But it can take weeks to fully recover. The poor baby was poked around all day. He finally got so tired, he quit fighting and went to sleep. How does a three month old baby get menningitis? The only thing I can think of is that we went to a Christmas party a few weeks ago and there were alot of people. I will be so glad when this is over.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Feeling Crafty

I got a Michaels gift card so I decided to use it today. My daughter also got one. It was heaven! lol I love that store. Of course, I went over my limit but I have some things to keep me busy. I just need to decide what I want to do first.
We had to take the baby to the doctor this morning. He has been crying for three days and he got a fever last night. They said he just has a cold. Well he has no cold symptons, just a fever. What the ?? He is going to his doctor tomorrow hopefully. I think the ER just didn't know or care what is really wrong with him. My daughter said she couldn't understand the doctor because of his thick accent. He seems to be feeling better. His temperature earlier was 103. It is down at the moment, thanks to Tylenol.
Off to comb the kittens for fleas. I am taking them to the pet store tomorrow. I wish I could keep them all.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Ticked!

Yesterday I went to Walmart and was flipping through a card making magazine. My daughter has gotten interested in that. Anyway, I was flipping through the pages and I saw a stamp that looked exactly like a graphic that someone was selling in the pixel community. Imagine that, another copier. I am pissed that I paid money for something that wasn't theirs once again. Now I need to tell my members that is is copied and not to use them. Drama. I hate starting drama but this person brought it upon herself. The graphics are adorable and everybody loved them. I have really lost interest in pixels. I used to love them so much. Maybe it is just time to move on and do other things.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I was blog surfing and came across the 2nd Annual My Vintage Heart Swap. It looks like alot of fun. You can find out more information

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I can't believe it is 2009 already. The holidays flew by. We just took the tree down. Trash pickup is tomorrow so I had to get it out today or have it for another week (which I seriously thought about, lol). I love the holidays. I hate packing the decorations up. It is way too cold to take the decorations down outside. We didn't do anything special for new years. My daughter and her boyfriend took the baby to their friends for the evening. It was a nice little break. But I am ready for the baby to come home. I miss him! My other daughter went to a lock in at the YMCA with her church group. She had alot of fun but is extremely grumpy. My oldest son was at his friends house in VA Beach. It was just me, hubby, and my youngest. Nothing special. Hopefully the economy will be better this year.

My New Year's resolutions:

Spend more time with the family
Positive thinking!

Catch up on all the bills
Survive my hubby's retirement in September
Start my candle and soap biz
Try making CP soap!
Make some money