Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Smells like Candles!

Well, I have a ton of candles already made but people keep ordering Clean Cotton and LoveSpell! lol I just made a new batch of each for some customers at my mom's work. I am grateful for the orders, but I have so many other candles. I need to get my website set up so I can try to sell some there. I am about to start my Alice in Wonderland doll for a swap. I also have to make a cat and an americana doll. Then I can start my quilts! I keep saying that and putting them off for all kinds of reasons. It is going to be 91 degrees here today. It is going to be a miserable summer. I don't know what the deal is with the crazy weather. We got a ton of snow, now it is in the 90's in April!

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Denise Marie said...

definitely not quilt making kinda weather, Tammy!!

We are gonna have the same misery here too this summer. I treasure your bunny. I can't believe you are a member of the doll artisty club!! I bet it is fun watching them come to life. Hope you post pictures of them as you make them.