Saturday, August 17, 2013

It Has Been So Long

I am still alive. It has been so long since I posted anything. This has been an hectic year. Lots of change. I separated from my husband after 22 years of marriage. It was a hard decision but I am so much happier. I had part of my stomach removed in April due to a growth (that turned out to be nothing) so I have lost alot of weight. I feel so much healthier and better. For the past ten years or so, I have felt like I had a huge black cloud over me and was so unhappy. Times are tough, but I feel like a new person. My 17 year daughter had a baby in April. That wasn't an easy situation but the baby is the sweetest girl every. I love her to death. My daughter had a rough time adjusting to being a mother but she is a good mommy. I am still watching my other two grandkids during the day while my other daughter works all the time so I am very busy.

It is time to get ready for the Railroad Festival. It is hard to afford the things I need this year so I am going to concentrate on tarts and not candles. Now that I have a car and not a SUV, I don't have the space to transport them. I love candles, but it seems the tarts sell better. I rarely sell any dolls there, but I am still making them. I am going to get my website going if it is the last thing I do. lol I say that all the time and still haven't done it, but I hope to make a business of it. I also hope to do some local craft shows in the fall.

I hope everyone is doing good and haven't abandoned me. The blogs seem to be really quiet lately.