Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tart Swap!

I joined The Pickled Pepper Patch Tart swap that Char hosted and received my tarts Saturday! They smell so good! Below is a pic of the goodies that I received from Kim. She picked the perfect selection. She sent potpourri, spiced pumpkin tart, colonial spice tart, pumpkin harvest break away melts, star tarts, Yankee spiced cocoa, Yankee chocolate cupcake, Yankee eggnog, Yankee christmas cookie, and Yankee Home Sweet Home, a candle holder, and a nice mat. I am burning Hot Apple Dumpling now and it smells soooo good! I hope she likes what I sent her. You should visit Char's blog and try her terrific tutorials. It is a must read.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

8 Days Until Halloween!

8 days until Halloween!
I still need to my youngest his costume. It is getting harder to find good costumes. Everything looks the same. My daughter wants to take the baby trick or treating so she can get some candy. She claims he can eat some. He is not going to like the costumes. My youngest was terrifed of masks the first time he went out. The other kids would take off their masks when they saw him. That was very nice of them because they didn't have to do that. We didn't know them.

Friday, October 23, 2009

9 Days of Halloween and I Love Fabric!

Nine days until Halloween. Nice pumpkin decoration. I had to turn it around sadly because the postal system got a hold of it and ruined its face.

I ordered some fabric off Ebay and just got it. Love it! I just don't have enough fabric. lol

Thursday, October 22, 2009

10 Days Until Halloween and a Halloween Pinkeep Swap!

10 Days Until Halloween. Smells soooo good!
Below is the Halloween pinkeep that I received from Barbara in Viv's Halloween Pinkeep Swap. I love what she made! Mine is so simple compared to hers. It is amazing how talented so many bloggers are. I hope to be as good as they are one day!

This is the one I made. Don't laugh. lol

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

11 Days Until Halloween and a New Sewing Machine!

I joined the 13 days until Halloween swap and below are my first three goodies from my partner Daisy. I hope she enjoys what I sent her. Sorry the first two pictures are so dark! The first picture is a spider basket and the second picture is Halloween decorative cupcakes that she made. They are so cute!

I finally got a new sewing machine. I am soooo happy! I was smacking my old one everytime I used it. lol The instructions on my new one say not to hit it or drop it. Haha. This machine knew I was coming. I love it. It is electronic and has alot of different stitches and it didn't cost a ton. I was going to get a Kenmore, but then I found a Brother for the same price that was electronic. I was hesitant because my old one is a Brother, but it was about 15 years old. I am so happy with the new one and can't wait to get started on Christmas ornies!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Awesome Happy Halloween Giveaway

I came across this fantastic giveway. Keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to win this fabric! Check it out.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Railroad Festival

Well, the festival is finally over. We did ok, could have been better. The economy is slowly picking up. Going to do some local craft shows to get rid of the rest of the inventory. The festival was alot of fun though. Going to do it again next year. All of the other vendors were so nice. Appomattox is such a beautiful place. It was nice to visit my family.