Friday, July 20, 2012

Prayers for Colorado and Idiots

My son has been looking so forward to seeing the new Batman and now I am just dreading it. It is so sad what happened in Colorado. I don't understand such evil. Just reminds you how precious life is. Sometimes I feel like I am going through the motions. That is sad when you think, it can all end tomorrow. The families and victims are in my prayers and thoughts.

Now to the idiots. You may have read this store on Yahoo First of all, they take small children to the movie theater at midnight. Then the chicken dad drops his four month old on the floor and jumps off the balcony, runs from the theater and drives away! With his fiancee, her daughter, and the baby in the theater that the shooting occured. He left them there!  And he admits it in the media. What a moron! Hope she has a brain and dumps him!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Hot One

It will be another hot day of about 100 degrees today. My son has another all star game(hopefully not his last). His game on Monday was so embarrassing and bad. They lost 20-0. The team did not play good at all. I hope today will be better. We went to the movies yesterday and saw "The Amazing Spiderman." It was my favorite Spiderman movie yet. Not just a bunch of action, it actually had a plot. Alot of those movies are just loud. Saw the preview for "The Dark Knight Rises" and it looks awesome. Yes, you can tell I have a son who loves action movies. It is one way to stay cool. Going to try and get some crafting done this weekend. I am in a crafting slump. So many things I want to make but can't bring myself to even start. Once I get started, I know I will be fine. Stay cool!