Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Are You Kidding???

This is what is going on here. I know everyone else is getting snow also, but we get snow every couple of years! Crazy! My kids are complaining about it. That is bad. Usually they get so excited. I hate cold weather. Of course, my daughter has to work! Uggh, I just want to get under the covers! Going to start on some things. I already started my doll for a spring doll swap. Waiting for her shoes to dry. Then I need to make some bunnies! I got all my patterns organized in binders. They were everywhere. I have been trying to get organized. Now I am going to dream of Spring!

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richard said...

You should not complain! Here in Sweden we have 1.5 feet of snow and 5 F. I realy looking forward to the spring =P

some pics from home: