Thursday, January 29, 2009


I haven't posted in a week. We have been busy house hunting. We were looking at a Victorian that beautiful but the realtor was so pushy. She wanted us to commit to $375,000 in 48 hours! We are not paying that price first of all and that is too fast! So we are going to keep looking. The local bed and breakfast was forclosed and going on the market in the next couple of months. That should be lower in price and it appears to nice. We need to see the inside. There is another house that is $150,000 that is more in our price range that needs some work. But hubby is set on one of these big old houses. The cheaper house has seven bedrooms. I want my daughter and the baby to stay with us. If we get a bigger house, then they will have plenty of room. The baby is in the living room talking to his hands. lol He is making a racket.
I stepped in a hole in the sidewalk yesterday and sprained my ankle. It is the same ankle I broke last year slipping on a gumball! lol Not a real gumball, but those round spikey things that fall out of the trees. My son said I am the only person he knows that falls walking. That is not fair, I was sabatoged. lol

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Susan said...

OUCH..I hope your ankle feels better!! Wow that's crazy to push you like that, its probably because the market is so slow right now, everyone is wanting to meet their quotas