Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Worst Day of My Life!

Yesterday, was an awful day. It started with me trying to get my 17 year old son up for work and he didn't want to get up. It was supposed to be a huge snowstorm that never happened. So anyway, he started yelling at me how he was not getting up and to leave him the hell alone. His father went in there and they got in a huge fight that got physical. My son packed his stuff and stomped out the door screaming he hates everyone and he isn't ever coming back. I know he is 17 but he is still my baby. He has no car and nowhere to stay. His friend's dad said he can't go to his house until he apologizes to me. Well, that made me hysterical, because I had no clue where he went. I cried all day. My eyes barely open. I got into a huge fight with my husband because we were both upset. I finally got a hold of him last night and he had calmed down and said he MIGHT be home today. If he misses more work, he is going to get fired and he really needs this job.
To think, I was complaining of nothing going on. I wish it was still that way.


Susan said...

such an impossible age I think...that "17" almost "18" can do what I want. I have to say parenting isn't for wimps! I don't like the "teen" years AT all and honestly don't remember getting the opportunity to be like this with my parents. That phase of I just graduated and I'm 18 and an adult isn't fun either. I'm sorry you had a bad day, and your son was so disrespectful and I'm sorry you and your hubby got into a fight over or from it. I know its hard as a parent today not knowing where our kids are, and we know what happens if they don't go to work and sure feels like so much on a mother's shoulder anymore. Sending hugs your way and hope today was a better day for you...I hope your son comes home and realizes how wrong he was and he should never disrespect his mother!! It hurts more than it makes us angry..well at least me anyway!!

Lara said...

Awww Sweetie - hope he is back home! Teenagers can be rough. I remember how I was when I was that poor Mom! *lol* I am sending thoughts and prayers - hope everything works out! Thinking of you! (((HUGS)))

Tammy said...

I agree Susan. I hate the teenage years. I still have two more to go through that with!I am ready for him to move out, but not like that.
Thank you both for your thoughts. Things are better now.

Anonymous said...