Wednesday, September 7, 2011

School Has Started!

Yipee, I know that sounds bad. lol But I am so ready for the summer to be over. Now if we can get fall weather. My youngest started 6th grade. His last year in elementary school. That makes me sad. His older sister is in 10th grade this. I am so grateful she passed 9th grade. lol She said she is going to try and get better grades this year. I really hope so. Of course, the school drama has already started. I am still watching my grandson and having a blast with him. My oldest daughter is having a girl due in November. I will be watching that one also. So I better get some crafting done before then. I have been having such a hard time to get in the crafting mood. But once I start, I don't want to stop. My daughter is off from work Thursday and Friday and the weekend my grandson will be with his dad. I plan on making my tarts for the Railroad Festival. I swear I am going to get that website going. lol It has been sitting there empty for over a year. Going to surf some blogs to get myself motivated!

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