Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Candle Time

I spent my weekend making tarts. I am out of jars so I have to wait until Monday for those. I have decided after the Railroad Festival, I am going to switch jars and labels. So there will be a huge candle clearance sale on my website. I finally got an inventory done over the weekend. Hopefully I can keep track of what I sell at the festival so I don't have to do that again! I will have my jelly jar candles on sale for $5 each November 1 on my website. It is time for that site to get moving . It has been long enough. I love making candles and want others to enjoy them as well. I was only going to try to make tarts for the festival but my aunt says people have been asking about the candles so I am going to make some more of those. I have quite a few already made.
I am finishing up some angels that I made from a pattern from Bittersweet Folkart. I love how they turned out. I usually don't sell many dolls there, but I will add them to my site if they don't sell. There is one woman who buys an Annie every year so I need to make a couple more of those. So many things to do and so little time!

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