Saturday, September 17, 2011

Perfect Weather

Well the weather was 95 degrees one day and now it is in the 60's. Finally some cool fall weather. I love it. I am in the crafting mood. Which is good since the Railroad Festival is weeks away. Next weekend I am making tarts. It has been too hot to make them. Today I am going to pull out my stuff and see what I need. I don't remember where I put the clamshell containers so I hope I find them.
I am just finished the dolls below. I wish I could show you the ones I made but I can't find my camera charger! Guess I will have to find another one on ebay. The pattern is from Threadbare Primitives. I think mine came out pretty close to hers. Susan has the best patterns. Her link is
Primitive Witch Doll Pattern
Now off to do some sewing. Have a wonderful day!

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