Monday, June 8, 2009

Muggy Monday!

It is so hot. The temperature is 84 but it seems so much hotter. I hate summer, except for the sunshine. I love fall weather and hope it gets here soon. The kids will be out of school next week. Then I will have to deal with them eating, fighting, and complaining nonstop. Maybe I can find some little camps for them to go to. My daughter has been cleaning her room for six months and it still not done. I am so over it! I even threatened to put a picture on Myspace so all her friends can see it, but she still doesn't have it done!
I bought a huge clear container today at Walmart to organize my fabric better. I have it in plastic containers but they are everywhere. Hopefully, I can fit everything into this one container. I have been busy crafting all weekend. Got some Annie, stitcheries, wooden firecrackers, and pincushions done. I need to start on my quilt blocks. Maybe I can find the fabric I want to use when I am sorting my fabrics. I am watching the baby for a couple of hours, so nothing will get done. He is crawling and into everything! I do not miss having a baby! lol It has been nine years since I had to deal with this. Doesn't look like my daughter will be moving out anytime soon, so I better get started babyproofing everything!

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