Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Been Busy Crafting!

I am so awful about posting. I really haven't been up to anything new except making crafts and building my fabric stash. I really have a fabric addiction. I need to swap. I joined a couple of summer swaps. I love the Patroitic theme. My favorite besides Christmas. Sewing takes my mind of things. It really helps me to relax.
Chase Bank is starting their mess again with the mortgage. I really wish we could refinance and get away from them. But they have ruined our credit. Twice a year, they start sending payments back for no reason and start adding late fees! They are the biggest crooks around. Never ever do business with them. They have made our lives miserable.
The kids are good. My two youngest have been busy with ball. They are on the worst teams EVER! I will be glad when this season is over. It is supposed to be fun, but it is so frustrating. I can't believe school is almost out. I will be a sewing fool to keep my sanity! lol


Melinda said...

Hang in there Tammy - glad you are posting and the kids are doing great.

Lara said...

Thx for the heads up! And whatever you do - do NOT refi with Citi Mortgage! You know what we went through and how long it took! They are all idiots!
Hang in there hun and stay strong!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Hey Sweets! Looks like we are partners! Yippee! I loved having you take part in my birdie swap! CAn you please send me your address again and some of your favorite things so I can start thinking of what I am going to send you? Thanks! Lori

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Thank you for joining the sweet tweet swap! If you have time to post let me know, if not be sure to visit the other swappers, (links on my blog), to see the great items people sent their partners. Thanks again!

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