Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Wow, it is cooler day today but it is still hot. The weekend is flying by and I still have to make some things to finish up some swaps. I only join a few a month but it seems like they are all due at one time. At least I will have a happy mailbox. lol
I spent Friday night at the ER with my oldest son. He had an allergic reaction to something. He didn't eat anything different that he doesn't eat all the time. He spent the night at his friends house in VA Beach and woke up like that. He is at his house all the time so it shouldn't have been anything there. He didn't come home until 5pm and said he needed to go to the hospital. I almost threw up when I saw how bad he looked. I can't believe he waited so long. He took Benadryl and went to sleep until the afternoon. Then he finally decided to let me know. The hospital told him how dangerous that was. We were there about four hours. The people in the waiting room were not happy that he went right in, but he looked terrible! They gave him a bunch of fluids and IV medications. We got a steriod prescription and came home. He looked alot better when he woke up. He was more angry about his ruined weekend. lol Today, he is back at his friends so he is feeling better.
So that has been my fun weekend!

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