Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Happenings

Ok, so not much is going on here. We have decided instead of moving, we are going to redo our house. I really want a bigger kitchen, so we are moving the bathroom and making the kitchen bigger. I can't wait. I hope we can get moving on this soon. We are going to try to refinance our loan to get away from Chase Manhattan. They are the worst company ever. Do not EVER do business with them. They forced us into bankruptcy and still try to take our house every Christmas and February. Luckily my brother in law is an attorney and he sends our payments to them every month so he can deal with them screwing it up all the time. I can see how people lose their homes all the time. I wish we could sue them. They just don't take payments and then make it in arrears so they can start foreclosure. They are crooks! Ok, done with my rant about them. I hate them so much. They have made my life miserable.
Anyways, it will cheaper to redo our house, and I like where we live. My oldest son wants us to turn the detached garage into an apartment for him. lol Dream on.

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Susan said...

OH, we have Chase! I do our bills online!! So far no problems. I wish we had a bigger kitchen too..more cupboard space..much much more