Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday News

Well, the baby is home and doing alot better. He is healthy at the moment. We are having some financial problems that have really been stressing me out. A bill from five years has come back to bite us in the butt. So I have been doing some crafts to relax. Getting bent out of shape is not going to help anything. I will just go with the flow. At least nothing is getting cut off. It is a temporary problem. So anyway, I am done whining. lol
My youngest daughter is trying out for middle school softball. This is the first year that they have had that here. I hope she makes it. She says everyone else stinks. But sometimes you have to be part of the clique to get anywhere. My older kids had to fight tooth and nail to get their positions on the high school teams because they grew up going to another school. So now that she is going to middle school there, she can get a head start on getting known. Middle school drama. lol


Susan said...

Glad to hear the baby is home....I hope your daughter makes the team!

Vera said...

So glad to hear the baby is doing better. Good luck with everything else.

Kelly said...

Hi Tammy, I'm glad to hear the baby is home and doing well.

Thanks for signing up to participate in the International Women's Day FQ Swap i'm hosting.

I don't have an email address to send you details of your swap partner so you can exchange address details.

Can you please email me at: kfiedler(at)tpg(dot)com(dot)au

Thanks, Kelly :-)

Priscila said...

I know how things are!!! Especially when it seems like so many things are going wrong at the sametime. Glad ur baby is better! Thats a blessing and hope ur daughter makes the softball team. I wanted to let u know I never got the info to my email about the circus swap...sometimes things just dont show up to my email. CAn you try again?! thanks