Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's a Hot One!

Today is going to be 85 degrees! I was wishing for Spring but now it feels like Summer! lol Just can't win. I've been busy planning my oldest daughter's wedding reception. If anyone has some good appetizer recipes, please share. The kids are on Spring Break. So now I have a house full of kids and my grandson. It seems like everyone of my youngest son's friends are always here. At least I know what they are up to. Our house always seem to be the gathering spot for all my kids' friends. On the weekends, we are fighting for parking in front of the house because of all the cars. lol I am sure the neighbors love that. My youngest and his friends are cleaning the garage and making it into a clubhouse. That garage has been a clubhouse so many times. We had to put a stop to it years ago when my oldest son and daughter got into it and my son locked his sister in the garage. She was beating on the door, and her arm ending up going through the window. Getting stitches was not fun. So hopefully, this time it will be a better experience!
Well, I am off to take my grandson down the street to the beach. Hopefully, it wear him out a little bit!

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