Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Big Turnaround

Well, my hubby is home and things are great. He doing so much better. I have been looking around at Valentine patterns. I am ready to start crafting next week and getting ready for some Valentine swaps! The baby is sick with croup. Poor baby sounds awful. My youngest got his head cracked open yesterday. A girl threw a brick at him. Don't think she realized the damage she would do. It was bleeding pretty good, but he didn't need stitches thank goodness!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe Christmas is here already. This year has flown by. My hubby is supposed to be coming home today so hopefully it will be a stress free holiday. Yeah right, lol. He has been in the hospital for three weeks, so we will probably fight like crazy before getting back into the swing of things. I just have to remember, patience! That is not my strongest trait. I am grateful he is alive and I need to focus on that.
The presents are all wrapped. I spent the last two days making fudge, cookies, and candy covered pretzels. My youngest is the only one who seems excited about Christmas. He is getting something he has wanted for a long time so he will be in heaven tomorrow! My oldest daughter and her boyfriend split up last week and she has been really quiet and sad. Maybe the baby will cheer her up tomorrow. Hopefully, they work things out but I don't want her to think she has to stay with him because of the baby. They are both young and immature. Maybe in time, things will change.
My oldest son broke up with his girlfriend of a year. He just didn't want a girlfriend. I feel so bad for her because she seemed to really like him and put up with him, which isn't easy.
My other daughter just has the usual teenage drama, nothing major.
So there is all that's going on here and that all happened in the past week!
Have a wonderful holiday!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Getting Better

Just a little update on my hubby, things are alot better now. He should be home from the hospital next week in time for Christmas. I am so tired of the drama in my life. I would just love to have a boring life! lol I did get a new sewing table a few days ago so I am going to spend my day putting that together. Then I need to finish my Christmas swaps up. Then I will done with those for the year. I need to make some things for my family for Christmas so I will be cramming that into next week. Then the sewing machine is getting a little vacation for a week. My fabric is already overflowing from my cabinet that I just got. I don't have a spot for another one so I need to think of something to do about that. I really need my own craft room but the kids are not headed anywhere. lol Thank goodness, my bedroom is huge. It used to be a garage so it is twice the size of a regular bedroom but I have so much stuff. Hubby wants to move but I don't think we can find another house big enough that we can afford and I have to have room for sewing. Off to put together my desk and catch up on some tv. My DVR is overflowing!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Life Gets Rough

Things have been so rough the past couple of days. My hubby is in the hospital with possible renal failure. I am trying so hard to keep things together for my kids and shield them from things. I haven't been able to sew for a few days and that is what really relaxes me. I think I will make time to do that tonight. My kids need their dad. My youngest worships him. He told me this morning that he really missed him and felt lonely. I have tried to keep him busy, but he is a daddy's boy. I have no idea what to do if things take a turn for the worst. The baby is here hanging on my leg trying to get the computer mouse. He always cheers me up. I usually don't get so personal on this blog because you never really know who reads it. It just feels good to let a little of those feelings out.
I am behind on a couple of swaps. I will really try and finish those and get them out Monday. Sorry for that.