Sunday, December 28, 2008


Last weekend we went to a Christmas party. My 8 year old son wanted to take one of his friends. It turns out his friend stole someone's cell phone from the party. He said he got it for Christmas. I didn't know anyone's phone was missing. Last night my hubby called me from his friends house. Someone had dropped the phone off at the mall in a donation box. The battery must have died because it had pictures and recent calls listed on it. There were pictures of us all over that phone. The kid had called his mother on it also. The owner of the phone got the phone back after he purchased another one. He called the kid's mom and she blamed us for not watching him! What the hell??? He stole my son's Nintendo DS when he got it a few years ago but we didn't tell his parents because he gave it back. How on earth can they blame us because there kid is a thief. This was my son's best friend so now he is bored to death. Hopefully he can find some new friends. I know my kids aren't angels, but their friends can be such a pain!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Busy Saturday

I finally dragged myself to Walmart to get some groceries. I was very surprised they weren't crowded at all. I also went to Best Buy and used my gift card to get another Wii controller and Psych First Season. I love that show. I rented the first season but didn't watch the last disc because I decided to buy it from Amazon. However, the person took the money and didn't send the DVDs. I got my money back but didn't reorder it. So I had the second season and not the first. Now I can finally watch them.
Then I got home and played the Wii with the kids. That has been the best present. The family actually spends time together without killing each other.
I think I will go take a shower and use the wonderful soap I got from Lara of The Sage Grove. I am so tired!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Day After Christmas

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. We had a pretty good Christmas. The kids got a Nintendo Wii so they are in heaven. I got a camera so now I can take all kinds of pictures. Thought it would be a good time to start a new blog. The house is a wreck. We did manage to get all the trash taken out in time for trash day. I still have a lot of cleaning to do. Check in with you later!