Saturday, December 27, 2008

Busy Saturday

I finally dragged myself to Walmart to get some groceries. I was very surprised they weren't crowded at all. I also went to Best Buy and used my gift card to get another Wii controller and Psych First Season. I love that show. I rented the first season but didn't watch the last disc because I decided to buy it from Amazon. However, the person took the money and didn't send the DVDs. I got my money back but didn't reorder it. So I had the second season and not the first. Now I can finally watch them.
Then I got home and played the Wii with the kids. That has been the best present. The family actually spends time together without killing each other.
I think I will go take a shower and use the wonderful soap I got from Lara of The Sage Grove. I am so tired!


Anonymous said...

OOO which soap did you get from Lara? I am a soap one can make soap like Lara!!! ((you have setting set that only bloggers or open ID users can comment but this is me Susan aka Lollipop Moments so you know...I set up a blogger just so I can leave a comment at bloggers who don't have it open to name and any URL commenter

The Sage Grove said...

Hey! Lookie what I found - your blog! LOL
Hope you enjoy the soapies. I am in such a mood to soap some of the wonderful fragrances I have but don't have enough oils *lol* figures, eh? Let me know how you like the soap :)