Friday, November 13, 2009

Almost Over

Well, I can finally drive down my street now without floating away. They finally allowed my daughter to close the store at 8 and by then I couldn't even get to the store. She had to walk a block in waist deep water. She was not happy. It was a nightmare. Had to drive all around just to get home again. While I was waiting for here, the tow trucks were busy towing cars out of the flooded street. Now we are only having scattered showers. I am so tired of this rain. School was cancelled again. The post office is even closed. We went for a walk during a brief moment of no rain. The neighborhood is a mess. They have been cleaning it all day, but there is alot to do. The sheriff's dept showed up with some inmates to help. Hopefully, tomorrow there will be sunshine!

The street below is the one that was completely flooded yesterday


Kelly said...

praying for sunshine for you!!
Just flitting about to visit everyone taking part in the Secret Santa Swap. Thank you so much for taking part!
Lovely blog you have here :)

Lots of Love

Kelly xxx

creativedawn said...

So happy to hear that you and yours weathered the storm okay... prayers and well-wishes for no damage to your property as well.