Monday, March 16, 2009

Mondays, Yuck!

I am so dragging this morning. The time change has me all messed up. Nothing much has been going on here. Had to take my youngest to the dentist Friday and spent $200! The dentist is so expensive! I should have made that my career. Spent the weekend making candles for a swap that I am in. Waiting for the mailman to pick it up. I love flat rate boxes. It would be expensive to mail without them! Went to Lara's Sage Grove and drooled over her new goodies. Guess I need to get moving and do some cleaning. I really want a nap!


*Noelle* said...

oh, the dentist is terrible! i need a root canal and do not have dental insurance- its gonna cost me almost $1800!! i keep putting it off, hoping to wait just a tad bit longer!!

how is your easter swap going? have you talked to your partner? i hope everyone gets tons of stuff they love!!

have a better monday!

noelle :)

Patti said...

Hi Tammy! Just stopping past to say "hi" Hope all is good in your world! I hate Mondays too- but hopefully next Monday you will be receiving your spring swap box from me! Have a great week and check the flicker stream later this week for a sneak peek of some goodies for you ( oh I do hope you like them)! Take care...and btw- I love your blog design- it's so cheerful~